Zika Virus: What Local Health Departments Need to Know

Mosquito_1Zika virus infection, which is primarily spread to humans through the Aedes species mosquito, has become a public health concern in the United States, particularly for pregnant women. While the majority of Zika virus infections reported in the United States are among individuals who have traveled to regions with ongoing Zika virus transmission, on February 2, a local health department reported to the public the first Zika virus case in its county through sexual transmission. CDC expects that the number of cases among travelers with Zika will likely increase and that the virus will continue to spread to other areas, possibly including the continental United States.

To help support local health departments prepare for and respond to cases of Zika virus in their communities, NACCHO has assembled a running list of guidance, resources, and information. NACCHO will continue to update this page as new information and resources become available. See NACCHO’s ongoing Zika coverage.

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Resources Developed by Local Health Departments


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