NEHA Launches the Private Water Network

The National Environmental Health Association is pleased to announce the launch of the Private Water Network (PWN). The Private Water Network (PWN) is a virtual community of practice for those individuals working to protect the public’s health from contaminants in private drinking water sources. Prior to the launch of the PWN, there was no one-stop-shop resource for peer-learning and information exchange for professionals that serve communities with private drinking water systems. Through a partnership between the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the National Environmental Health Association (NEHA), and the National Network of Public Health Institutes (NNPHI), the PWN was established to fill that void.

The mission of the Private Water Network is to build a sustainable community for those working to support private water programs; to connect with their peers, to share experiences, insights, and resources, and to gain access to timely and relevant guidance for existing and emerging issues; and to build capacity to do the work more effectively and efficiently in order to protect the public’s health from contaminants in private water sources.

Membership to this virtual community of practice is free and offers access to the virtual platform that includes a discussion forum, resource library, event calendar, member directory, and community-wide search option. Members of the Network can engage on the virtual platform by uploading or downloading relevant materials, engaging in discussions, connecting with peers, and promoting relevant events. Furthermore, the membership to PWN also offers access to exclusive webinars and newsletters on private water issues. To join the network, visit the community.

If you are affiliated with one of the following agencies/organizations, then the PWN is right for you:

  • Federal regulatory agencies
  • State, tribal, local, and territorial public health agencies
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Certified laboratories
  • Industry
  • Academic/extension partners​

Join the Private Water Network.

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