The Convergence of Infectious Diseases and Noncommunicable Diseases: Proceedings of a Workshop

While there has been growing recognition of the convergence of infectious diseases and noncommunicable diseases, the two fields continue to remain siloed in many aspects. Getting a better understanding of this connection and bridging cross-sector collaborations would advance progress to effectively respond to these diseases and to ultimately reduce the public health impact and burden of the convergence from the local to global levels.

On June 11 and June 12, 2019, the Forum on Microbial Threats held a 1.5-day public workshop at The Rockefeller Foundation in New York City. This workshop allowed participants to gain a deeper understanding of the continuum between infectious diseases and noncommunicable diseases (NCDs), including how this continuum provides new opportunities for prevention, treatment, and collaboration. This Proceedings of a Workshop features presentations and discussions that explore how the interplay between humans and microbes affects host physiology and shapes noncommunicable disease outcomes, as well as opportunities to bridge the silos, integrate health care delivery models, and identify potential approaches for research, policy, and practice.

View the proceedings.

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Kim Rodgers serves as a Communications Specialist at NACCHO. Her work includes promoting local health departments' best practices, as well as partner tools and resources, in infectious disease and preparedness through NACCHO's communications channels, storytelling, and outreach to various audiences.

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