Warehouse Ordering of Printed Hard Copy Versions of Educational Posters for Retail Food Employees

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA’s) National Retail Food Team today is issuing a notice to inform stakeholders that the remaining supplies of printed hard copy versions of Educational Posters/Storyboards for Retail Food Employees may not be available for ordering at our warehouse location in Perry Point, Maryland, after September 2019. There are 10 different versions of the posters/storyboards, each in one of seven foreign languages on one side and English on the other that can be ordered in printed hard copies.

To place an order of free posters/storyboards, please go to the website: www.fda.gov/EducationResourceLibrary. Once there click on the tab to “download or order materials” to continue to the catalog. Through the online catalog, on the left column, scroll down to the bottom and apply the “Oral Culture” filter. A listing of all the versions of the posters/storyboards will appear. Using a “shopping cart” function enter the quantity in the vacant box and then click on the “Add” box to place the quantity you want in your cart. Be aware that ordering more than 8 different items may result in an error message. If you want more than 8 items, place separate orders.

After the posters/storyboards are no longer available for ordering in printed hard copies, stakeholders can download the electronic versions through the FDA website.

Please be aware that these materials are not copyrighted. You may post these materials on your website and distribute them freely. Please credit FDA when using or posting the materials.

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