New truth Ads Now Available for Partners

truth® is a national tobacco prevention counter-marketing campaign that speaks to youth and young adults on their terms, through the channels they understand and trust. truth delivers the facts about the health effects and social consequences of tobacco and the marketing tactics of the tobacco industry so that youth and young adults can make informed decisions and influence others to do the same.

Truth Initiative is now offering free truth-branded content (:30, :15 and :10 second advertisements) focused on flavored e-cigarettes. Created specifically for use by youth and young adult serving organizations, the content focuses on the facts and dangers associated with flavored e-cigarettes. “Sweet Clouds” unveils how Big Tobacco uses flavors to sugarcoat and mask the risks of e-cigarette use. The video focuses on the fact that 81% of youth who have ever used e-cigarettes started with flavors.

We are also offering additional truth content focused on spreading awareness of the facts and dangers associated with flavored and menthol tobacco products. Our truth “Burn Through” video focuses on how Big Tobacco uses fruit flavors to attract youth and young adults and disguise the 3,000 other dangerous chemicals in their products. Also available is “Making Menthol Black”, a hard-hitting expose of the tobacco industry’s manipulation of the Black community.

The truth assets are available in :30, :15 and :10 length versions plus scripted social media posts, gifs and still images. The assets are available free of charge (any/all media fees to be covered by partners). The assets can be run online as well as on closed circuit tv systems on college campuses. All assets are available without any tagging/co-branding or any modifications. The use of the truth content will be vetted by and at the discretion of Truth Initiative. Feel free to reach out to Rebecca Carle at for further information and questions.

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