Call for Nominations for the Environmental Protection Agency’s Science Advisory Board

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is accepting nominations for the EPA Science Advisory Board (SAB), as well as four SAB subcommittees. The SAB is a chartered federal advisory committee at the EPA that provides independent, expert advice to the EPA Administrator on a range of environmental topics in science, engineering, risk, and economic issues.

On May 23, 2019, the SAB Staff Office published a Federal Register Notice, requesting public nominations of experts for consideration to serve on the Chartered SAB and the following standing SAB committees: Chemical Assessment Advisory Committee, Drinking Water Committee, Agricultural Sciences Committee, and Radiation Advisory Committee. The notice describes the functions of and expertise needed for the Chartered SAB and the four SAB committees.

Nominations to the SAB or the SAB committees should be made using the web links for each committee found under the “Nomination of Experts” category at the bottom of the SAB homepage.  Nominations are sought by June 24, 2019.

Should you have questions about the nomination process or the broad charge to the SAB, please contact Dr. Thomas Armitage (Designated Federal Officer for the SAB) at or Dr. Sue Shallal (Designated Federal Officer) at

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