APHA’s Center for Climate, Health and Equity

APHA launched the Center for Climate, Health and Equity to lead public health efforts to inspire action on climate and health, advance policy and galvanize the field to address climate change.

With a long-standing commitment to climate as a health issue, APHA’s center applies a health equity lens to help shape climate policy, engagement and action to justly address the needs of all communities regardless of age, geography, race, income, gender and more. APHA is the leading voice on the connection between climate and public health.

The center works to:

  • Raise awareness, so everyone in the U.S., beginning with the public health field, recognizes the urgency of practices, policies and individual choices that address climate change and improve public health.
  • Enable an environment and culture in which “climate healthy” and equitable choices are easy choices.
  • Promote policies focused on environmental justice and health equity designed to address climate change adaptation and mitigation.
  • Support science that clarifies the health impacts of climate change, as well as offers solutions and policies to guide decisionmakers.
  • Lead. APHA is recognized as the leading voice around the connection between climate change and health.

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