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Building a Culture of Transformational Resilience Within Communities for Climate Change

September 20 @ 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm

The towns and cities where people live, work, and recreate heavily influence their capacity to cope with and use climate change-enhanced adversities as transformational catalysts to learn, grow, and increase wellbeing. When climate-enhanced shocks severely strain or fracture social support networks, overwhelm vital public support systems, or breakdown other critical protective factors, individuals and groups can be pushed to a boiling point causing entire neighborhoods and communities to become “trauma-organized.”

This means they retreat into a self-protective survival mode that, rather than providing safety, further traumatizes them, others, and even the natural environment, while amplifying social and racial injustices. When this happens the ability to identify and implement positive solutions and enhance wellbeing are greatly diminished.

This webinar will describe different approaches used in towns and cities to proactively transitioned from trauma-organized to trauma-informed human resilience-enhancing communities.

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