Food Safety Resources for Springtime Celebrations

With the spring season finally here, people around the country are planning festive gatherings with friends and family! Many spring celebrations include perishable foods such as eggs, ham, beef, and poultry, which may contribute to the transmission of foodborne illness. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and provide a variety of educational materials to help prevent food poisoning at springtime events and decrease disease transmission from handling of backyard poultry. Local health departments may utilize these food safety resources to inform their communities of safe handling practices, and ultimately reduce the chance of foodborne illness. These resources are available online in both English and Spanish, and can be easily distributed throughout the community to help prevent illness.

Some available resources are listed below:

1. Charts: Food Safety at a Glance

2. Salmonella and Eggs:

3. Keeping Backyard Poultry:

4. Hand Washing & Backyard Poultry Infographic:

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