IDSA/HIVMA: Resources on Infectious Diseases and the Opioid Epidemic

The Infectious Disease Society of America (IDSA) and the HIV Medical Association (HIVMA) released three documents highlighting and recommending policy changes to advance solutions to the infectious diseases consequences of the opioid epidemic.The national opioid crisis is fueling a rise in infectious diseases including HIV, viral hepatitis and bacterial infections such as infective endocarditis and musculoskeletal infections. Such secondary consequences of opioid addiction constitute an additional public health threat that demands urgent, coordinated, evidence-based and sustained action. IDSA and HIVMA appreciate the concentration of congressional and federal agencies on these issues. To help advance meaningful, evidence-based solutions to the infectious diseases aspects of the opioid epidemic, IDSA and HIVMA released policy and research recommendations this week.

View their joint press statement and check out the following supporting documents:

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Kim Rodgers serves as a Communications Specialist at NACCHO. Her work includes promoting local health departments' best practices, as well as partner tools and resources, in infectious disease and preparedness through NACCHO's communications channels, storytelling, and outreach to various audiences.

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