Environmental Education (EE) Grant Solicitation Notice

Under the 2018 EE Local Grant Program, 10 Requests for Proposals were issued nationally, one in each of EPA’s ten Regions. EPA expects to award three or four grants from each of the EPA’s 10 Regional Offices for a total of approximately 30 to 35 grants nationwide. All RFPs are available on www.grants.gov, where applications must be submitted.

Update: The RFPs, originally issued in January, have been modified in order to expand the scope of the environmental issues that can be addressed. The updated RFPs for the 2018 Local Grant Program are available here. The changes to the RFP provide applicants with greater flexibility to address environmental issues relevant to their communities. To provide applicants with time to modify their proposals in light of the new amendments, EPA has extended the deadline until April 11, 2018.

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