Fact Sheets: Title X in Your State

The National Family Planning & Reproductive Health Association (NFPRHA) has released new factsheets that demonstrate the breadth and importance of the Title X network across the country and in each state. These resources, which include updated impact maps and state snapshots, draw on information from the Office of Population Affairs, the Guttmacher Institute, and Title X grantees to show the importance of providing robust support for publicly funded family planning.

These state and national maps provide a prime opportunity to educate and engage your organization’s social media audience about how the Title X program is organized and how services are delivered. Here are some sample messages:


  • How is Title X at work in YOUR state? Check out @NFPRHA’s new state snapshots to learn more. https://goo.gl/HQQtDa #ProtectTitleX
  • Title X funds a diverse network of health care providers, from local health departments and Planned Parenthoods, to community health centers and school-based health centers. https://goo.gl/HQQtDa #ProtectTitleX
  • In [name of state], Title X supports a network of health care providers on which [insert patient numbers] patients rely for high-quality family planning care. [Insert shortened URL of state] #ProtectTItleX
  • New resources released by @NFPRHA: state-by-state maps of what the Title X family planning program looks like with funding levels and patient proportions, and more! https://goo.gl/HQQtDa #ProtectTitleX


  • How does Title X support patients in your community? Click around on @NFPRHA’s new interactive Title X map to learn how health care professionals provide essential preventive health care in your state. [Embed image of national map] https://goo.gl/HQQtDa #ProtectTitleX
  • If you’ve seen one Title X-funded health center, you’ve seen one Title X-funded health center. Title X networks vary from state to state because they created to meet the unique health needs of EACH community. Take a look at @NFPRHA’s new interactive Title X map to learn more. [Embed image of national map] https://goo.gl/HQQtDa #ProtectTitleX

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If you have any questions, please contact Lauren Weiss, Manager, Advocacy & Communications, at lweiss@nfprha.org or 202-552-0151.

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