Help-2-Hep’s Free Helpline and App for Hepatitis C Patients

The non-profit Help-4-Hep has developed two free resources that provide information about the diagnosis and treatment of hepatitis C and peer support and self-care services. Help-4-Hep offers support for people with questions about hepatitis C and the healthcare providers who serve them. It also provides many resources through the Support Partnership, a network of nationally recognized nonprofits with extensive experience in hepatitis C support, education, testing, treatment, and advocacy.

The first resource is the Help-4-Hep peer-to-peer helpline, which offers free, confidential peer counseling for people affected by hepatitis C. The toll-free number is 877-Help-4-Hep (877-435-7443) and the helpline is available from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM (EST) Monday through Friday. Help-4-Hep counselors, usually individuals who has been personally affected by hepatitis C, help answer questions about where to get tested, how to prevent transmitting hepatitis C to others, what treatments are available, and more.

Help-4-Hep, in partnership with Self Care Catalysts, developed a free web and mobile app, released on May 19, National Hepatitis Testing Day. The app, available to download free, is part of Self Care Catalyst’s Health Storylines platform, which can help people improve self-care and better manage chronic conditions. The app provides several tools, including options to track symptoms, nutrition and mood; document emotions about living with hepatitis C; and ways to log lab results.

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