CIFOR Guidelines and Toolkit Implementation Webinar Series

Two upcoming webinars, one for managers and directors of local and state environmental and public health departments (the decision makers) and one for public health professionals responsible for the investigation and control of foodborne diseases and outbreaks (the worker bees), will describe the CIFOR Guidelines, Toolkit, and other available resources to improve foodborne disease outbreak response.

CIFOR Guidelines and Toolkit Implementation Webinar for Decision Makers
Thursday, September 24, 2015 at 3:00pm Eastern
Registration required.

The first webinar will be for decision makers including state and local health department directors and program managers.  It will cover the burden of foodborne diseases in the U.S., the impact a large outbreak can have on a jurisdiction, and resources that can help improve foodborne outbreak prevention and control efforts (to minimize the impact of foodborne diseases on a jurisdiction). The goal of this webinar will be to motivate decision makers to designate resources to improve foodborne disease outbreak response in their jurisdiction and introduce them to resources that can help them be more successful.

CIFOR Guidelines and Toolkit Implementation Webinar for Public Health Professionals
Wednesday, October 7, 2015 at 2:00pm Eastern
Registration required.

The second webinar will be for public health professionals at the state and local level who are directly involved in foodborne disease surveillance and outbreak detection, investigation, and control.  The target audience includes epidemiologists, environmental health specialists and sanitarians, laboratorians, public health nurses, and public health educators.  This webinar will help these audiences become more familiar with the CIFOR Guidelines, the CIFOR Toolkit process and materials, and experiences of other health departments in using these resources.  The goal will be for audience members to be able to initiate and carry out actions to improve foodborne disease surveillance and outbreak detection and investigation in their jurisdictions.

Both webinars will be recorded and archived on the CIFOR website for future viewing.

For more information, please contact Dhara Shah at CSTE.

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