MeasureUp, A New Tool for Assessing Health Impact in Community Development Efforts

The Build Healthy Places Network has announced the release of MeasureUp, a tool to help measure and communicate the impact of public health professionals’ work.

Former HUD assistant director Raphael Bostic once said, “We cannot advance effective policy if we do not know what works.” That means measuring and quantifying successes and struggles. But for many, measuring impact can mean a bewildering array of choices, demands, and questions. Where to begin? How to do it? When to measure? And frankly, why?

Assessing and documenting the effects of work is even more important when multiple sectors, like community development and public health, collaborate to help communities and families be well, live healthy lives, and ultimately help the nation reduce its enormous health care costs.

MeasureUp is designed to help professionals cross that chasm, regardless of what level they are at. MeasureUp has curated—in one place—the best examples of measurement and action in addressing the social determinants of health, from early planning stages to later evaluation and community engagement. It’s a one-stop shop for resources to help measure and communicate the impact of programs.

About Bridget Kerner

Bridget Kerner serves as a program analyst for the Healthy Community Design portfolio at NACCHO. Her work includes research and technical assistance support for local health department Health Impact Assessment (HIA) projects, NACCHO's HIA Community of Practice, and Health in All Policies (HiAP) initiatives.

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