Petition to FDA To Allow Interstate Sales of Raw Milk

The Real Food Consumer Coalitions (RFCC) has petitioned the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to allow for the interstate sales of raw milk as long it has warning labels about its health risks and instructions for safe handling. The FDA will be forced to review the policy, but it may take up to a year or longer to respond. If the petitions is denied, the RFCC may go to the federal court to challenge their decision. The RFCC has provided suggested language for warning and safe handing instructions.However, the suggested language neglects to include children in the high-risk group, which is one of the main target groups for consuming raw milk. Read the article here.

NACCHO has also hosted two webinars on raw milk. View the recorded webinars:

Legal Aspects of Raw Milk
Raw Milk and the Public’s Health: Stories from the State and Local Health Departments

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