ASTHO Report: Information Sharing during Foodborne Disease Outbreaks

The Association of State and Territorial Health Officials (ASTHO) recently released a report titled “The Foodborne Disease Outbreak Response: Assessing the Legal and Institutional Framework for Interagency Information Sharing. This report focuses on the legal and institutional framework impacting information sharing during a foodborne disease outbreak. Report findings and key recommendations were developed as a result of two ASTHO research projects. The first project involved legal research and the development of an appendix of state laws and regulations relating to state health agency authority to protect non-public information from public disclosure. The full appendix is available via an interactive map in LawAtlas. The report also includes data gathered from an ASTHO survey of state health agencies to better understand information sharing practices among federal and state food regulatory agencies.

Please direct any questions and/or comments regarding the report or corresponding research to Abe Kulungara at [].

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