Research Article: Whole Genome Sequencing and Salmonella Outbreaks

Investigating multistate foodborne outbreaks of Salmonella infections associated with chicken is especially challenging due  to the numerous available brands of poultry meat and high consumption rates among U.S. populations. PubMed recently published a research article titled, “Utility of Combining Whole Genome Sequencing with Traditional Investigational Methods To Solve Foodborne Outbreaks of Salmonella Infections Associated with Chicken: A New Tool for Tackling This Challenging Food Vehicle.” This article examines the follow-up analysis of the 2014 outbreak of Salmonella Heidelberg and investigates the use of genome sequencing to assess some of the outbreak isolates performed as a part of the analysis. Research findings provide further evidence that chicken from a particular producer served as the source of the outbreak. Read the full article here.


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