NACCHO Releases 2016 National Profile of Local Health Departments

NACCHO is excited to announce the release of the 2016 National Profile of Local Health Departments (Profile) report. The Profile is a comprehensive (read “long”) survey of local health department (LHD) infrastructure and practice that NACCHO administers every three years. This year, 76% of all LHDs across the United States responded to the Profile survey, helping us to present a complete and accurate overview of LHD funding, workforce programs, and partnerships.

The 2016 Profile includes new findings on LHD participation in environmental health and infectious disease prevention. For example, Profile data show that more than three-quarters of LHDs provide food safety education (77%) and public health nuisance abatement (76%). Few provide noise pollution control (16%) or hazardous waste disposal (18%). LHDs serving urban jurisdictions are more likely to provide environmental health services than LHDs serving suburban or rural jurisdictions. In addition, data show that most LHDs provide adult (90%) and child (88%) immunizations, and have done so consistently over time, regardless of jurisdiction size or degree of jurisdiction urbanization.

The Profile is a critical resource for NACCHO, policymakers, LHDs, and researchers. To be a credible and effective national voice for LHDs, NACCHO needs up-to-date information about LHDs. NACCHO staff use Profile data to educate congressional and agency staff about how LHDs improve and protect health in communities and about the challenges LHDs face. Local and state health departments use Profile data to compare their agency or agencies within their states to others nationwide. Universities use Profile data to educate the future public health workforce about LHDs and to conduct research about the relationship between public health infrastructure and community health outcomes. Profile data also helps highlight challenges faced by LHDs and differences between small, medium and large LHDs.

New this year, NACCHO produced a highlights version of the report, presenting what we found to be the most interesting findings from the 2016 Profile. However, there are many more findings to share, all of which are available online at A PDF of the full Profile report, a PDF of this highlights report, image files of all the figures included in both reports, and the dataset for those who may be interested in conducting additional analyses are available at this link.

The 2016 Profile study was a success because of the commitment of capable and dedicated local public health department leaders throughout the country and we thank you for your support. Visit for more information about the Profile – we hope you will find the 2016 report useful for your work.

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Kim Rodgers serves as a Communications Specialist at NACCHO. Her work includes promoting local health departments' best practices, as well as partner tools and resources, in infectious disease and preparedness through NACCHO's communications channels, storytelling, and outreach to various audiences.

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