Get Smart About Antibiotics Week (Nov. 14-20)

This week, November 14-20, 2016, public health agencies and partners across the nation (and the globe) are celebrating “Get Smart About Antibiotics Week.” Sponsored by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), this observance is a key component of the agency’s efforts to improve antibiotic stewardship in communities, healthcare facilities, and on the farm in collaboration with state-based programs, nonprofit partners, and for-profit partners. The one-week observance raises awareness of the threat of antibiotic resistance and the importance of appropriate antibiotic prescribing and use. Check out the many ways your local health department (LHD) can get promote the smart and responsible use of antibiotics to help combat antimicrobial resistance:

  • Partner ToolkitAccess a template press release, promotional messages for print, digital and social media, a quiz widget and badge for inclusion on websites and social networks, and more.
  • Print MaterialsDisplay and share these print materials which include fact sheets, posters, and advertisements for patients and providers.
  • WebinarListen on November 15 (1pm ET) as the CDC provides a framework for implementing antibiotic stewardship in outpatient settings.
  • Twitter Chat. Get involved in the global conversation on Friday, November 18 (11am-1pm ET) using #AntibioticResistance and @cdcgov.

Beyond observing this awareness week, it’s important to carry the torch of antibiotic stewardship into the future. To encourage this, CDC has also develop a variety of more evergreen resources that LHDs can use and share with providers in your jursidictions, such as: letters to patients from providers saying they support antibiotic stewardship, prescription pads for the various circumstances around taking antibiotics, various fact sheets, and digital buttons. There are also available resources for inpatient providers and patients/consumers.


About Kim Rodgers

Kim Rodgers serves as a Communications Specialist at NACCHO. Her work includes promoting local health departments' best practices, as well as partner tools and resources, in infectious disease and preparedness through NACCHO's communications channels, storytelling, and outreach to various audiences.

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