Now Recruiting: NACCHO Informatics Champions

NACCHO is recruiting local public health practitioners to join the Informatics Champions Initiative, an information network of informatics practitioners from local health departments (LHDs). Through the initiative, the group shares innovative and promising informatics resources and tools with the greater public health community.

Developed in Fall 2014 at the suggestion of NACCHO’s ePublic Health and Informatics Workgroup, the Informatics Champions Initiative engages local public health informatics leaders to share new and innovative tools and resources. This group of informatics practitioners’ primary focus is on promoting the continued development of informatics knowledge within the local public health community. Led by two co-chairs, the Informatics Champions Initiative offers a way of developing an information network between NACCHO and the larger local public health community throughout the United States.

The overall vision of the group is to assure that: LHD leaders throughout the United States understand the issues related to informatics that most greatly impact their communities; NACCHO can serve as a voice for LHDs on informatics matters; and innovative and promising tools and practices are disseminated broadly among this group of practitioners.

The mission centers around three main priorities:

  1. Increase awareness of LHDs on state and federal informatics issues, tools, and best practices.
  2. Increase awareness within NACCHO of LHD informatics needs and effective practices.
  3. Identify local public health informatics expertise within each state.

Goals and Objectives
The primary goals and objectives of this group are to:

  1. Identify at least one LHD informatics champion in each state.
  2. Disseminate actionable resources to assist LHDs in informatics activities.
  3. Convene the Informatics Champions network for quarterly meetings.

Membership and Eligibility
Membership in the group is designed to assure the participation of a local public health informatics champion from each state in the country. Thus to be eligible, individuals must be employed by a local health department. The champion should have the support of their supervisor and health department. Each member is expected to:

  1. Actively disseminate Informatics Champions updates.
  2. Actively participate on quarterly conference calls.
  3. Share perspectives of local public health informatics trends, issues, and concerns.
  4. Provide feedback and input on national policies and programs.

How Can You Get Involved?
If you or a colleague are interested in serving in the Informatics Champions group, please contact no later than Wednesday, November 30th.

2 thoughts on “Now Recruiting: NACCHO Informatics Champions

  1. Susan M Franko, PhD, RRT
    November 6, 2016 at 9:20 am

    I’ve emailed the phinformatics address twice to let them know I would be interested in joining the Informatics Champions group and it has come back undeliverable.

    1. Kim Rodgers
      November 9, 2016 at 11:28 am

      Hi Susan,

      Sorry about that. I will connect you with the proper staff here at NACCHO. Look out for an email shortly. Thank you!

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