New Health Impact Assessment Resources for Local Health Departments

The NACCHO Health Impact Assessment (HIA) Community of Practice has developed four new tools to support local health department (LHD) capacity through the use of HIA. Included resources are a fact sheet on the value of HIA to LHDs, and three mechanisms for HIA data entry and evaluation. Each tool’s purpose, intended use and direct access link are detailed below. For more information on NACCHO HIA efforts and resources, please visit the NACCHO Health Impact Assessment webpage.

  • The Value of Health Impact Assessment to Local Health Departments Fact Sheet
    This resource explains how HIA is a useful tool for local health departments (LHDs) to improve community health, meet certain standards and measures of public health accreditation, develop partnerships, and enhance cross-sector awareness. Click to view and download the fact sheet.
  • Health Impact Assessment Data Indicators Collection Tool
    This spreadsheet formatted resource provides a compilation of data sources and indicators, grouped by category, for HIA practitioners and partners designed as a guide for selecting metrics for their HIAs. Employing the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Data Set Directory of Social Determinants of Health at the Local Level (2004) document as a guide, each selected data indicator is categorized into various domains to simplify the user selection process by HIA focus area.

    Each domain, corresponds to a tab in the spreadsheet and includes columns for data indicators, description of the indicators, level of the data (national, state, or local), data source, and other considerations. The database includes the following domains Population Demographics, Education, Economy, Employment, Housing, Health Behaviors, Built Environment, Health Outcomes, Clinical Care-Medical, Psychosocial, Political, Safety, Transportation, and Natural Environment. Click to download the tool.

  • Health Impact Assessment Budget Worksheet
    This spreadsheet based worksheet is designed to help practitioners predict the costs associated with conducting an HIA. The tool includes user instructions, a summary budget, and individual worksheets for each associated cost reflected in the summary budget. The instructions address each section of the budgeting tool and offer guidance about types of costs, which include: staff/consultants/contractors, supplies, travel; stakeholder engagement, and indirect costs. Practitioners can either enter data directly into the summary budget tool or first use the individual worksheets to perform a more detailed calculation of each cost type and input the total amount into the summary budget tool. Click to download the worksheet.
  • Collection of Health Impact Assessment Predictive Modeling Tools
    This resources provides an annotated catalogue of quantitative models that can be applied to HIA designed for HIA practitioners, local health agencies and partners. The spreadsheet includes detailed information about each model, the organization that created the model, the sectors or policy area where the model could be applied, the population demographics, features of the model, health outcomes, ease of use, data inputs, relevant publications, recommended projects, geographic scope, and a link or contact information needed to access the model. Click to download the catalog.


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Anastasia Sonneman serves as a Communications Specialist at NACCHO. Her work includes promoting local health departments' best practices, as well as partner tools and resources, in environmental health, health and disability, and preparedness through NACCHO's communications channels, storytelling, and outreach to various audiences.

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