Criminalization of HIV Exposure: A Review of Empirical Studies in the United States

Yale University’s Center for Interdisciplinary Research on AIDS (CIRA) published an in-depth review of scientific studies on the criminalization of HIV exposure in the United States in AIDS Behavior. This is the first comprehensive examination of empirical research on this topic in the US, examining studies conducted between 1990 and 2014. In addition to describing the research and key findings, the review discusses implications for practice and policy that emerge from the studies reviewed, identifies gaps in our current knowledge, and sets the course for future research in this area.

The paper was developed by members of CIRA’s Criminalization of HIV Non-Disclosure, Exposure, and Transmission Work Group, established in in 2010 as a multidisciplinary collaboration of policy makers, advocates, researchers, and other relevant stakeholders focused on critical public health, ethical, and legal issues surrounding criminalization laws and on developing research questions pertaining to criminalization of HIV exposure and transmission.

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