CDC: STD Prevention Success Stories

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC’s) Division of STD Prevention (DSTDP) recently developed a series of STD prevention success stories to highlight state and local achievements in STD prevention. The CDC has worked with state and local health department programs to prevent the spread of STDs for more than 50 years. These programs are critical to STD prevention and control, and ultimately, to protecting the health of communities across the U.S.

The support of CDC’s funding, resources, training, and technical assistance to all states, some territories, and local STD programs—along with the hard work, innovation, and collaboration of program staff—has produced great accomplishments in a variety of key areas ranging from expedited partner therapy to Disease Intervention Specialists to collaborations. Check the success stories out here.

About Kim Rodgers

Kim Rodgers serves as a Communications Specialist at NACCHO. Her work includes promoting local health departments' best practices, as well as partner tools and resources, in infectious disease and preparedness through NACCHO's communications channels, storytelling, and outreach to various audiences.

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