CDC’s Division of Viral Hepatitis Releases 5-Year Strategic Plan

CDC’s Division of Viral Hepatitis (DVH) has released a 5-year strategic plan (“Division of Viral Hepatitis Strategic Plan, 2016-2020“) describing their efforts to decrease incidence and prevalence of viral hepatitis, decrease morbidity and mortality from viral hepatitis, and reduce viral hepatitis-related health disparities. To eliminate viral hepatitis in the United States and worldwide, CDC is working to bring together science and public-health practices in pursuit of four strategic imperatives:

  • Strategic Imperative I: Assure vulnerable populations are vaccinated to prevent viral hepatitis.
  • Strategic Imperative II: Assure early detection and response to stop transmission of hepatitis B and hepatitis C
  • Strategic Imperative III: Assure persons living with hepatitis B and hepatitis C are identified and linked to recommended care and treatment services
  • Strategic Imperative IV: Act globally to prevent, detect, and control viral hepatitis

For more in-depth details about the objectives under each strategic imperative, view the full plan.

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