STD Contact Tracing Infographic

NCSD developed an infographic to help explain the work of Disease Intervention Specialists (DIS) and other public health professionals who perform contact tracing for STDs. The infographic provides an easy-to-follow visual to explain this hard boots-on-the-ground work done by member Health Departments across the county. NCSD plans to use this infographic to show policymakers how contact tracing for STDs functions and explain how they are pulled into emergency response situations and the impact that has on STD prevention and treatment. Click here to view the infographic on NCSD’s website.

About Alyssa Kitlas

Alyssa Kitlas serves as a Program Analyst on NACCHO's HIV, STI, and Viral Hepatitis team. Her work includes projects on HIV, STI, and Viral Hepatitis prevention and care. Twitter: @AlyssaKitlas

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