Join a Committee on the Conference for Food Protection

The Conference for Food Protection (CFP) is recruiting committee members for the 2016-2018 cycle, to be finalized by mid-September. Interested applicants must be current CFP members, and up to date on their membership dues. Find out how become a CFP member, here. To apply for a committee, CFP members should email this address by May 28, 2016, with up to three committees of interest, by copying and pasting the table in this document. Applicants are also asked to specify if they would be willing to serve as a committee chair or vice chair.

Please remember that committee selection must be balanced by constituency and geography, in an effort to provide as many CFP members with the committee experience as possible.  Committees work almost exclusively by conference call and email communication. Individuals who are not able to commit to the ongoing work of a committee are asked not to apply.

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