NEW HIA Stakeholder Engagement: Planning and Budget Resource

The Society of Practitioners of Health Impact Assessment (SOPHIA) has recently released a new HIA Stakeholder Engagement: Planning and Budget Resource that was developed by SOPHIA’s Stakeholder Engagement Working Group. This resource offers HIA practitioners an opportunity to consider the costs and benefits of different forms of stakeholder engagement in order to plan and budget for engagement activities. Budgeting for a Health Impact Assessment is difficult given the variation in type of HIA, the timeline of the decision the HIA is impacting, and the type of stakeholder engagement needed to reach the appropriate populations. This resource helps to address the difficulty of budgeting by providing a short cost benefit analysis of each type of stakeholder engagement, tips for cost savings, and a sample budget worksheet is included for each activity. The worksheets help practitioners consider the best form of stakeholder engagement for their purposes and plan a realistic budget for their project. For more information please click here.




About Bridget Kerner

Bridget Kerner serves as a program analyst for the Healthy Community Design portfolio at NACCHO. Her work includes research and technical assistance support for local health department Health Impact Assessment (HIA) projects, NACCHO's HIA Community of Practice, and Health in All Policies (HiAP) initiatives.

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