RadResponder to Host Nationwide Drill December 15

RadResponder, a radiological data management application, will be hosting a Nationwide Data Quality Drill next Tuesday, December 15 from 9 AM to 6 PM EST. Participants will take actual background radiation measurements and submit them to RadResponder for review. This drill will involve data quality assessment and will ensure that all required data elements are captured. Additional information on how local health departments can participate in the Nationwide Data Quality Drill and the criteria for submitting data can be found here.

RadResponder is an application that can be used by local health departments and their response partners to manage radiological data during an emergency. The application also has functionality to help manage radiation response resources and has a mapping utility to display collected real-time radiation data and response locations geospatially on a map. RadResponder is free to use and available for local, state, federal, tribal, and territorial organizations. RadResponser was developed in collaboration with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), National Nuclear Security Agency (NNSA), and the Environmental Protection Agency. It allows users to uniformly establish a flexible, efficient, and networked approach to the management of radiological data.

RadResponder can be accessed on smartphones, tablets, and via the web, allowing it to be employed at all levels of government during a response to a radiological or nuclear emergency. This data can also be shared among responding agencies within a single jurisdiction as well. The aggregated data collected by responding agencies can provide valuable situational awareness information and can be used by decision makers to direct and allocate response resources.

New User Webinars will be held in December to introduce new users to RadResponder’s functionalities. Webinars will last approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes. The next Webinar is December 17 at 11 AM EST.

New user webinars and train-the-trainer are also offer on a regular basis. “How-to” Guides, training videos, and reference documents are available on the RadResponder website to help new users get oriented to using RadResponder. Additionally, the RadResponder team offers a Train the Trainer program for organizations wanting to increase RadResponder proficiency across their organization.

For more information regarding RadResponder, please email support@radresponder.net.

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