Vaccinate Your Family Releases New Series of Videos That Share the Real Life Consequences of VPDs

Vaccinate Your Family (VYF) has released a new series of videos that capture the stories of five individuals who share their first-hand experiences with vaccine-preventable diseases and disease outbreaks, and their often devastating consequences. Each of the stories has a unique perspective, but all of them offer the same message “please vaccinate to protect your family and your community”.

The videos can be found on our Vaccinate Your Family website in the Personal Stories section:

The five advocates featured in the videos include: Katie VanTornhout (whooping cough story); Patti Wukovits (meningitis B story); Angelina Rosario (flu story); Tamika Felder (HPV/cervical cancer story); and Dr. Tim Jacks (measles/immunocompromised story).

The sixth video in the series focuses on the activism of four of the individuals as they traveled to Capitol Hill to share their personal stories with their Members of Congress in an effort to help change the world for the better.

Finally, VYF has also created a shorter “teaser video” for each longer video story. These shorter videos, which are approximately 30 seconds each and include closed captioning, are best for sharing on social media. All the teasers, along with the full videos, can also be found on Vaccinate Your Family’s YouTube channel.

Following are links to each of the teaser videos on YouTube:

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