Three New Reports Offer Recommendations for Updating the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program

The O’Neill Institute for National & Global Health Law at Georgetown University Law Center has released series of three policy briefs issuing recommendations for ensuring that the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program is updated to be maximally effective in a changing healthcare environment. Leading HIV/AIDS experts authored the briefs to help HIV community stakeholders conceptualize structural changes to the program and identify opportunities for improving engagement in care by adapting the critical program. The briefs include the following:

“Aligning the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program with Insurance Coverage”
Originally built as a standalone system, the Ryan White program has evolved to a complement to the insurance system. Nonetheless, as the health system seeks to better integrate services and design more effective and efficient care delivery models, this report offers strategies for better aligning the Ryan White program with insurance to ensure that people with HIV do not get left behind.

“Refining Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program Administrative Activities to Increase Population-Level Impact”
The Ryan White program has always looked and acted differently than other parts of the health system. This report provides recommendations for ways to streamline existing planning and monitoring activities to retain critical aspects of community engagement. It also calls for increased Ryan White program investments to build health department data management systems and capacity to better partner with Medicaid, Medicare, health plans, and HIV prevention programs to monitor engagement in care and intervene when care is interrupted.

“Bolstering the HIV Clinical and Non-Clinical Workforce”
Generations of dedicated HIV care providers and community partners have built today’s HIV care system. While more must be done to better reach underserved populations and communities, the need is great to bolster and sustain the existing HIV care workforce. This report offers recommendations for building upon recent changes to the AIDS Education and Training Center program and other efforts to support clinical and non-clinical providers.

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