Request for Applications: Local Innovations in Congenital Syphilis Prevention

In partnership with the CDC’s Division of STD Prevention, NACCHO will provide at least five local health departments with up to $25,000 each to implement and evaluate a program strategy that will improve congenital syphilis in their area. The objective is to help galvanize local efforts to address rising rates of congenital syphilis. Specifically, it will fund program innovations or improvements that focus on one or more of the following areas of congenital syphilis prevention:

  • Improving support for individuals who are pregnant and have syphilis
  • Improving support for individuals who are pregnant but do not have syphilis
  • Improving support for individuals with syphilis who could become pregnant but are not currently pregnant

Funded jurisdictions will be expected to plan, implement, and evaluate the innovation or improvement over approximately 12 months, starting March 2020. They should be prepared to:

  • Develop implementation and evaluation plans (with support from NACCHO and CDC)
  • Implement the improvement or innovation
  • Collaborate closely with NACCHO and CDC to carry out a modest, mixed methods evaluation of the innovation or improvement (LHD evaluation expertise is not necessary to participate)
  • Participate in the dissemination of the findings so other LHDs can learn from their experiences

The request for applications is now on the NACCHO website at learn more about applying, view the recording and presentation slides from our informational webinar, held December 17.

  • Application submission deadline: January 10, 2020.
  • Anticipated award notification: February 2020

For more information or questions, contact Rebekah Horowitz at

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