Response Requested for Second Nationwide Assessment of Local Vector Control Organizations

In early 2020, NACCHO, in collaboration with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), will administer the second nationwide assessment of local vector control organizations in the United States.

Before the initial assessment that NACCHO conducted in 2016, almost no data existed on the preparedness of local agencies for a mosquito-borne virus outbreak. The 2016 assessment provided baseline data on the mosquito control and surveillance capabilities of nearly 2,000 programs. Read the full report here.

NACCHO and CDC have used the assessment findings to provide targeted guidance and training opportunities for local agencies over the past few years, such as the annual Vector Summit and the Vector Control Collaborative, a technical assistance program. The 2020 assessment will gauge how vector program capacity has changed nationwide in the four years since the initial assessment. It will also expand on the 2016 assessment by collecting baseline data on tick surveillance and control capabilities.

NACCHO needs your help!

Over the next few months, we will be reaching out to every vector control program in the country to confirm the point of contact for the assessment. When we reach out, please let us know who can best respond to questions on your vector control program’s mosquito and tick strategies.

For additional information about this and other technical assistance opportunities from NACCHO, please visit our website or contact

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