Submit an Abstract for the NEHA P.E.S.T. Virtual Conference

The National Environmental Health Association (NEHA) is now accepting submissions for abstracts to present at its fourth virtual conference, P.E.S.T. – Pest-Control through Environmentally Sustainable Treatments. Submit an abstract to present and take advantage of a unique opportunity to help advance and engage with environmental health and pest management professionals in an exciting virtual environment.

The P.E.S.T. Virtual Conference is a highly informative forum that brings together environmental and public health professionals, pest management professionals, and vector control specialists to discuss emerging issues and solutions. Stay informed with the latest information, resources, tools, and training about integrated pest management. In addition to educating the workforce, the conference is designed to bring professionals together in a unique virtual environment to exchange information and discover new solutions to issues in integrated pest management and sustainable vector control solutions.

The virtual conference environment will include auditorium presentations, poster sessions, a networking lounge, and exhibitor booths and resources.

NEHA is seeking abstracts that explore topics such as:

  • Implementation of IPM programs
  • Co-regulator and stakeholder collaboration
  • IPM implementation in schools
  • Innovations in IPM
  • Challenges and recommendations in implementing IPM
  • Pesticide resistance

The deadline to submit an abstract is Friday August 2, 2019.

Review the abstract submission guidelines and submit your abstract

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