Adoption of the FDA Food Code by State and Territorial Agencies Responsible for the Oversight of Restaurants and Retail Food Stores

Adoption of the FDA Food Code by state and territorial authorities with responsibility for regulating foodservice and retail food stores has been a goal of the FDA since the inception of the FDA Retail Food Safety Initiative. Adoption of the Food Code represents a successful federal/state partnership for improving food safety. The Food Code establishes practical, science-based guidance for mitigating risk factors that are known to cause or contribute to foodborne illness outbreaks associated with retail and foodservice establishments and is an important part of strengthening our nation’s food protection system. This report was compiled by the Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition’s (CFSAN) Office of Food Safety. The data collected for this report was based on information obtained from FDA’s Regional Retail Food Specialist who monitor Food Code adoption activities within each state and territory.

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