2019 AAMC Health Equity Call for Research

Building on the work of ROCChe (Research on Care Community Health Equity), the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) founded the Collaborative for Health Equity: Act, Research, Generate Evidence (CHARGE), a forum for investigators, clinicians, and community partners to work together on research that minimizes disparities in health and health care. AAMC CHARGE participants jointly apply for grants, publish commentaries and comment letters, conduct systematic reviews, and disseminate resources.

Health Equity Call for Research: AAMC Consumer Survey of Health Care Access

AAMC CHARGE is soliciting research proposals that pose cutting-edge research questions which facilitate solutions to health and health care disparities. Three to five researchers / research teams will receive unrestricted access to the multi-year, never-before available AAMC Consumer Survey of Health Care Access data (for up to 12 months), which provides demographic and contextual health information for a nationally representative sample of over 2000 respondents. The survey is fielded twice each year; to date there have been 17 waves of the survey, starting in 2010 and continuing through 2018.Upon completion of studies and remittance of summary findings, AAMC will consider additional platforms for researchers to present their findings (e.g. webinars, conference travel awards).

How to Apply

  1. Join AAMC CHARGE: email healthequityresearch@aamc.orgwith your name, title, and organization. You must be a CHARGE participant to apply.
  2. Review the RFP and Data Dictionary and Codebook to learn more about the AAMC Consumer Survey of Health Care Access and proposal requirements
  3. Register for and attend the informational webinar June 18th, 2019 at 1:00 pm ET as we discuss the application process, key dates, review criteria, and more
  4. Submit your proposal by July 24.

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