Legionella Conference 2019: Call for Abstracts

The Legionella Conference 2019 provides a unique opportunity for sustained discussions on how we can align our water and energy sustainability and public health goals. Hosted by NSF International and NEHA on September 11–13 in Los Angeles, CA, the conference will focus on water conservation and the prevention of Legionella and other waterborne pathogens

Oral presentations will be given the day of the conference and presenters appear as a speaker on the conference agenda along with their topic and abstract. Presentations may be accompanied by PowerPoints or other visual aids (recommended, but not required). The deadline is April 1.

Posters will be set up in a specific room and present research and case study outcomes related to the conference focus. Poster presenters should be prepared to accompany the poster to discuss their work during breaks and dedicated sessions. The deadline is May 1.

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