National Groundwater Awareness Week 2019

Established in 1999, National Groundwater Awareness Week (GWAW) provides an opportunity for people to learn about the importance of groundwater and how the resource impacts lives. GWAW 2019 takes place on March 10-16.

This year’s theme, Think, was designed to urge each of us to consider various ways we can protect our most valuable natural resource. So “think” about not running the water while you brush your teeth. Or “think” about getting that leaking faucet fixed. “Think” about the farmers that rely on groundwater to grow the food we eat. And “think” about having your well inspected to protect your drinking water system. In short, during #GWAW “think” about our future.

Get Involved

In the weeks leading up to #GWAW, the National Ground Water Association (NGWA) encourages everyone to become official “groundwater protectors” by taking steps to conserve and protect the resource. Businesses, individuals, educators, students, federal agencies, cities, associations, and everyone in between can ask to be added to NGWA’s groundwater protector list through its website or on social media. Have an awesome story to tell? Send it to NGWA and they might highlight your efforts.

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