Public Health Reports Supplement: Multi-Year CAPUS Demonstration Project

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) published a special Public Health Reports Supplement on the multi-year Care and Prevention in the United States (CAPUS) Demonstration Project. This project highlights strategies for reducing HIV- and AIDS-related morbidity and mortality among racial and ethnic minorities living in the United States.

Led by CDC and funded by Secretary’s Minority AIDS Initiative Fund (SMAIF), CAPUS was designed as a direct response to the disproportionate burden of HIV disease and worse health outcomes among racial and ethnic minorities.

The supplement’s 11 manuscripts—authored by staff of CDC, the Office of HIV/AIDS and Infectious Disease Policy, and other collaborating federal agencies, state health departments, and other subject matter experts—detail innovative strategies to address socioeconomic, clinical, and other persistent barriers to moving individuals along the HIV Care Continuum.

Articles in the supplement highlight the wide array of activities funded through CAPUS, including using social network strategies to increase HIV testing, financial incentives to increase engagement in care and viral suppression rates, and HIV/AIDS surveillance data and other data sources to identify people who have fallen out of HIV care. Additionally, the supplement provides practical lessons for integrating routine HIV screening in medical settings, the experience of using retail pharmacies to expand HIV testing access options, and the overall outcomes and lessons learned from the four years of CAPUS.

Download the report.

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