Barclay-Giel ​Seed Grants for Community-based Public Health Programs

The PHS Commissioned Officers Foundation (COF) for the Advancement of Public Health seeks to support community-based public health programs.

​The Barclay-Giel Seed Grants program is named after the late Martha Barclay-Giel, a retired Captain of the Commissioned Corps of the U.S. Public Health Service. Captain Barclay-Giel dedicated her life’s worth to advancing the health of Americans. After retiring, she donated considerable sums of money to COF and is a member of the John Adams Society.

Grant Amounts
The maximum grant amount is $10,000. The typical grant amount will be about $5,000. COF may elect to provide less than the full amount requested. All the grant-awarded funds must be used by June 30, 2020, and there is no opportunity for additional or continuation grant funds for the same grant.

Submission Timeline
The deadline is February 22, 2019. Grant awards are expected to be announced in June 2019.

Eligible Public Health Issues
The grants are open to all areas of public health. However, areas of prime interest for this grant cycle are the Surgeon General’s Priorities. These include Opioids and Addiction, Tobacco, Community Health and Economic Prosperity, Health and National Security, Oral Health, and Emerging Public Health Threats. Some funds will be set aside for these areas of prime interest. Funds may be used for any type of public health project and may include such things as community initiatives, strategic public health plans, or “proof of concept” intervention projects. We encourage applicants to consider how projects may support Healthy People 2020 Topics and Objectives.

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