New Fellowship Opportunity: Become a PHRASES Fellow with the de Beaumont Foundation & Aspen Institute

Are you a public health professional interested in improving communication and collaboration with other sectors?  Then the PHRASES Fellows program is for you!

This exciting new fellowship is part of PHRASES: Public Health Reaching Across Sectors, a partnership of the de Beaumont Foundation and the Aspen Institute, designed to help public health leaders effectively communicate the value of public health to potential partners in other sectors, such as housing, education, health systems, and business. The 15 PHRASES Fellows from across the country will be selected to receive:

  • Training in evidence-based framing strategies
  • Coaching on public presentation skills
  • Hands-on experience with the PHRASES toolkit
  • Networking opportunities to connect with other forward-thinking public health leaders

The training will equip the PHRASES Fellows to forge cross-sector collaborations in their own communities and position them as mentors for other public health professionals looking to reach across sectors.

To learn more about the PHRASES Fellows program, including eligibility and selection criteria, visit today!  Applications are being accepted through February 28, 2019.

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