Online Course on Navigating a Foodborne Outbreak

Navigating a Foodborne Outbreak: Preparation for Interprofessional Practice is a self-paced, interactive learning module from CDC’s Academic Partnerships to Improve Health that demonstrates the importance of interprofessional practice among health professionals to improve and protect population health in the context of a foodborne outbreak. The module will take approximately 90 minutes-two hours to complete, depending on the level of previous exposure to the content and the learner’s interest in exploring the optional reference resources. Learners may choose to complete the module in one session or pause and return to the module, completing it in multiple sessions.

The module is divided into three chapters–one set in an outpatient clinic, one at a local public health department, and one at a multidisciplinary meeting after the outbreak has resolved. The foodborne illness scenario is based on an actual multi-state foodborne outbreak that occurred in 2015-16, but the details of the patients, clinicians, and the local health department are fictional. Any similarities to individuals or settings are coincidental.

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