California Governor Signs Strict Law Requiring Vaccinations for Most Children

On June 30, California governor Jerry Brown signed legislation giving the state one of the toughest school vaccine laws in the country. The law bans the use of religious and personal objections as a reason for exempting children from school vaccinations. Unvaccinated children will still be able to attend school if there is a medical reason why they are not able to be immunized.

California now joins Mississippi and West Virginia as the only other states that have no exemptions in place. While all 50 states have a requirement for school children to be vaccinated, state vaccine exemptions vary by state. Read more

Further Reading
Tomas Philipson, University of Chicago economist, argues that policy exemptions are part of the infectious disease response cycle in the op-ed, The California Child Vaccination Mandates And The Everlasting Cycle Of Infectious Diseases.

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