Free Online Climate Change Course from Johns Hopkins University

Coursera is offering a free online course from Johns Hopkins University on Protecting Public Health in a Changing Climate: A Primer for City, Local, and Regional Action.

The main message of the course is that public health must “lean in” and become a more central player in climate change mitigation and adaptation. Because climate-related health risks happen mainly at the local level, the course focuses on cities – increasingly key players in climate change policy. Starting with an overview of the science consensus suggesting we have 10-20 years to prevent risks associated with exceeding 1.5°C of global warming and put in place adaptive policies, the course provides interactive lectures, expert interviews and case studies that build practical knowledge. In the final assignment, participants apply course tools and strategies to a city of their choice, preparing them to contribute to climate mitigation and building health resiliency in their own local context.

Learn more and enroll anytime.

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