Asian & Pacific Islander Wellness Podcast Series: Community exCHANGE

Each month, you will hear community members, activists, service providers, medical professionals, and researchers grapple with deep questions to advance health, wellness, and equality. These will be inspiring conversations that are needed to transform lives and create lasting, community-driven change.

Season 1: What is the healthcare and HIV system like for the transgender and gender non-conforming community?

This season starts with:
Episode 1 (10/14):  Gender identity and late-life transitioning (speakers: Janelle Tryon, Celina Mora)
Episode 2 (10/26):  Reproductive Justice in the prison-industrial complex (speaker: Joss Greene)
Episode 3 (11/14):  Sexual health for trans men having sex with cis men (speaker: Niko Cowell)

Season 2 will explore the experience of navigating life at the intersection of multiple types of stigma.

Tune in on a computer/mobile device near you!  Podcasts are available on the iTunes Directory and Asian & Pacific Islander Wellness Center’s eSource (login required). Do you have an idea for an upcoming episode, want assistance creating a podcast, or have any questions?  Send an email to

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