Mini-MACH: Reducing the Spread of Cryptosporidium

Specific public health issues addressed in the Model Aquatic Health Code (MAHC) are often spread across multiple chapters. Mini-MAHCs are intended to make the MAHC more accessible by aggregating the code and annex language into more concise documents. This will help environmental health practitioners and pool operators quickly find relevant MAHC guidelines and rationale to solve specific public health issues and improve patron and staff health and safety. All mini-MAHCs reference content from the 2018 MAHC (3rd Edition).

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released a new Mini-MAHC Code on reducing the spread of Cryptosporidium (Crypto). The language presented will help decrease the public health impact of contamination through: inactivation of oocysts by secondary U.V. or ozone disinfection systems, inspection of systems, and remediation after diarrheal fecal incidents to prevent the spread of Crypto associated with swallowing contaminated water.

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