Presentation: Communicating about Vaccines Effectively Within Your Communities

On October 12, Dr. Saad B. Omer, Professor of Global Health, Epidemiology, and Pediatrics at Emory University, presented evidence-based approaches to communicating with patients and community members about vaccine hesitancy. Dr. Omer’s presentation focused on the association between vaccine refusal and vaccine-preventable disease rates, identifying evidence-based approaches to address vaccine hesitancy, and using evidence-informed vaccine communications strategies. Additionally, local health departments that attended the webinar were given the opportunity to request additional technical assistance on vaccine communication strategies from Dr. Omer’s team.

The webinar recording is no longer available, but you can download the presentation slides.

NACCHO encourages local health departments to explore Dr. Omer’s research and evidence-based practices and implement them, as appropriate, in their immunization programs.



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