CDC: 2017 National Immunization Survey-Child Results

The results of the 2017 National Immunization Survey-Child (NIS-Child) and vaccination coverage and exemption rates among children in kindergarten 2017–18 school year are now available. ChildVaxView and SchoolVaxView have been updated to include the latest data.

Key Messages

  • Most U.S. parents are protecting their children from vaccine-preventable diseases by making sure they are getting recommended vaccines.
  • CDC is seeing an increase in the number of children younger than 2 years of age who receive no vaccines.
    • This increase means that there are about 100,000 children under 2 years old that are not protected against potentially serious vaccine preventable diseases.
  • Parental choice may play some role, but CDC’s data suggest that many of these parents do want to vaccinate their children, but they may not be able to get vaccines for them.
    • They may face hurdles, like not having a health care professional nearby, not having time to get their children to a doctor, and/or thinking they cannot afford vaccines.

All questions regarding the 2017 NIS-Child results can be directed to Holly A. Hill by email at or by telephone at 404.639.8044. All questions regarding the kindergarten coverage and exemptions can be directed to Jenelle Mellerson by email at or by telephone at 404.639.8308.

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