FDA Statement on Modernizing Standards of Identity and the Use of Dairy Names for Plant-based Substitutes

The following statement is from U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Commissioner Scott Gottlieb, M.D:

The FDA is issuing a request for information as it examines its approach to the use of dairy food names like “milk,” “cheese,” or “yogurt” in the labeling of plant-based foods and beverages.

Earlier this year, FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb announced FDA’s Nutrition Innovation Strategy (NIS) in a speech to the National Food Policy Conference. The strategy promotes public health through efforts to empower consumers to make better and more informed decisions about their diets and health, fostering the development of healthier food options, and expanding the opportunities to use nutrition to reduce morbidity and mortality due to chronic disease.

As part of its strategy, the FDA is considering approaches to modernize standards of identity, which are regulations that set forward requirements for the content and sometimes the methods used to produce certain foods.

Federal Register notice:


Commissioner’s statement:


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