CDC Issues Guidance on Shingrix Vaccine Delays

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued guidance below to providers who are experiencing difficulty receiving sufficient supplies of the Shingrix vaccine to meet demand.

SHINGRIX DELAYS. As you are aware there are some limits and delays with the Shingrix vaccine due to high demand. CDC has prepared the following statement for health care providers related to reminding them on considerations during this time as well as the importance of the 2nd dose. The information is provided for your information and use as appropriate.

There are currently ordering limits and intermittent shipping delays for GlaxoSmithKline’s Shingrix vaccine (Recombinant Zoster vaccine) due to high demand. Until demand can be met, it is particularly important that vaccine providers educate patients about the importance of completing the series. In addition, CDC reminds health care professionals of proven strategies to help patients receive all their needed vaccinations on time, including Shingrix:

  • Implement a vaccine reminder and recall system using phone, e-mail, or text messages to contact patients when you have Shingrix supply. Give first consideration to patients due for their second dose of Shingrix (
  • If you are out of Shingrix and a patient needs a second dose, refer the patient to another provider in the community (e.g., a pharmacy) that has Shingrix so the patient can complete the series. The immunization program at your state or local health department or vaccine finder can help identify other immunization providers (
  • Be sure to enter your patients’ current vaccination information into your state’s immunization information system (IIS). This will ensure that every provider can access your patients’ immunization record, and it may help facilitate patient reminders to complete the Shingrix series.
  • As supply becomes less constrained, be sure to notify eligible patients so they can come in to get their first dose of Shingrix.

Timely series completion is key to the success of any vaccination program and critical to ensuring patients receive the full benefit of their vaccinations.

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